Standing Up for Women’s Rights

Standing Up for Women’s Rights

Women fought for and won the right to vote 100 years ago, yet they are still fighting for equality, pay equity and reproductive freedom. I deeply believe gender equality is a cornerstone to a more equitable future for everyone.  We must protect women from domestic violence and from sexual harassment in the work place.

My mother watched her own mother die from a self-induced abortion, and it had a tremendous impact on her life – and mine. With the relentless threat from the federal level undermining Roe v. Wade, now more than ever we must stand up and fight to protect access to safe and legal abortions. (Pictured right: Ann Ravel with her mother, Rosa.)

My Record

I am proud of my long record of work to ensure fairness for women in the workplace.  That is why FundHer, as well as a number of feminist lawmakers, are endorsing my candidacy.

  • I am currently suing Google to change their confidentiality agreements and to eliminate forced arbitration, specifically in regards to sexual misconduct and retaliation against women employees in the company.  I will hold Google’s board accountable for paying $90 million to an alleged sexual harasser.

  • In Santa Clara County, I have served for decades to defend women in the workplace, serving as the trial attorney and then as second chair in the U.S. Supreme Court case Johnson v. Transportation Agency that helped women break glass ceilings in industries across America by ensuring fair access to opportunities for women in the workplace. 

  • I served on the Board and as President of Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence, the premier domestic violence agency in Santa Clara County.
  • I also believe in the power of mentoring and supporting women. When I started in the office of Santa Clara County, I was one of only two women. When I left – thirty years later, and after serving as County Counsel – the office was 70% women. That was because I hired and mentored women.

In the State Senate, I will continue to fight for fairness in the workplace and for equal pay for equal work. I will be a tireless advocate for access to safe and legal abortions, and I will ensure our state is standing up to violence against women and that law enforcement is prepared to address, investigate and adequately prosecute violent crimes against women.

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