End Citizens United
Equality California
"As an experienced leader in Santa Clara county, Ann Ravel has demonstrated courage and a willingness to tackle difficult problems facing our community. I know Ann will remain dedicated to the needs of all families in our community."
susan ellenberg
Susan Ellenberg
Santa Clara County Supervisor
"Ann Ravel has proven her mettle against powerful interests her entire career.
She is a powerful consumer advocate, a voice against election corruption and a fierce protector of women. I enthusiastically support her candidacy."
Jackie Speier endorses Ann Ravel
Jackie Speier
"I’m supporting Ann Ravel for State Senate because I have seen
her in action. She leads with tenacity and integrity, and she will fight tooth and nail to make a positive difference in the lives
of all Californians.”
Joe Simitian
Joe Simitian
President, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors


Avalanche Democratic Club
Black Women Organizing for Political Action (BWOPA)
California Association for Nurse Practitioners
California Democratic Legislative Women’s Caucus
California League of Conservation Voters
California Legislative Jewish Caucus
California Women’s List
California Youth Policy Alliance
Consumer Attorneys of California
DAWN – Democratic Activists for Women Now
Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley
End Citizens United
Equality California
Fund Her
The Mercury News
NARAL Pro-Choice California
National Women’s Political Caucus – California
Northern California Carpenters Regional Council

Elected Officials

CA Lt. Governor Eleni Kounalakis

CA State Controller Betty Yee

Congresswoman Jackie Speier

Congressman John Sarbanes

Congresswoman Katie Porter

State Senator Connie Leyva

State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson

State Senator Melissa Hurtado

State Senator Steve Glazer

State Senator Susan Rubio

State Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan

State Assemblymember Richard Bloom

State Assemblymember Susan Eggman

State Assemblymember Laura Friedman

State Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel

State Assemblymember Tim Grayson

State Assemblymember Blanca Rubio

Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen

Santa Clara County Assessor Larry Stone

Santa Clara County Supervisor, District 4, Susan Ellenberg

Santa Clara County Supervisor, District 5, Joe Simitian

San José City Councilmember Dev Davis

San José City Councilmember Lan Diep

San José City Councilmember Pam Foley

San José City Councilmember Johnny Khamis

Campbell Mayor Rich Waterman

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera

Joseph Di Salvo, Santa Clara County Board of Education

Salinas School Board Trustee Anthony Rocha

Los Gatos – Saratoga High School Board Trustee Peter Hertan

Saratoga Vice Mayor Mary-Lynne Bernald

Stacey Brown, Campbell Unified High School District 

Los Altos Councilmember Neysa Fligor

Burlingame Mayor and Councilwoman Donna Colson

Santa Clara Valley Water District 2, Director Barbara Keegan

Santa Clara Valley Water District 4, Director Linda Lezotte

Santa Clara Valley Water District Board District 6, former Legal Aid Director in Santa Clara County, Director Tony Estremera

Former Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard

Former US Under Secretary of Education Martha Kanter

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Eugene Hyman (Ret)

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Ray Cunningham (Ret)

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Gregory H Ward (Ret)

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Mary Jo Levinger (Ret)

Justice California Court of Appeal Laurence Kay (Ret)

Former San José Police Auditor and Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge LaDoris Cordell (Ret)

Former State Senator Becky Morgan

Former San José Mayor Susan Hammer (In Memorium)

Former Cupertino Mayor Kris Wang

Cupertino Councilmember Liang Chao

Cupertino Councilmember Jon Willey

Former Los Gatos Mayor Sandy Decker

Former Los Gatos Mayor Joe Pirzynski

Former Los Gatos Mayor Marico Sayoc

Former Palo Alto Mayor Judith Kleinberg

Monte Sereno Mayor Pro Tempore Shawn Leuthold

Monte Sereno Councilmember Daniel LaBouve

Monte Sereno Councilmember Rowena Turner

Former San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx 

Former Sunnyvale Mayor Julia Miller

Former Los Gatos Councilmember Joanne Benjamin

Los Gatos Councilmember Rob Rennie

Former Santa Clara County Supervisor Dianne McKenna

Former San Francisco City Attorney and Supervisor, Louise Renne

Former Deputy Secretary California Department of Food and Agriculture Eric Stein 

Community Leaders

Richard Alexander, former President, California State Bar

Abby Simons, Local community leader

Abrial Reeves

Ada Koransky, Physician

Ada Marquez

Adam Zapata, Attorney

Alan Zisser

Albert “Chip” Zecher, Attorney

Alberto Villaluna, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Local community leader

Alegra Howard

Alex Cavanaugh

Alexia Carter Worsham

Alice Wheatley, Former County Manager

Alice Copple-Tosic, Translator

Alison Cordova, Attorney

Allison Manning-Ha

Amanda Patron

Andrew Boone

Andrew Radin, Local community leader

Anna Rosenzweig, Attorney

Anne Marie Murphy, Attorney

Anne Moses, Former Deputy Director at Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System

Antoinnae Comeaux

Arlene Rusche, Local community leader

Ashleigh Evans, Political Professional

Barbara Simmons

Barbara Marshman, Former Mercury News Editorial Page Editor

Barbara O’Conner, Sacramento State University Professor

Bernard Greenfield, Attorney

Bob Caldwell

Bob Campbell, Attorney

Bob Weeks, Former Deputy Public Defender

Brian Danita, Attorney

Camellia Nakhjiri

Carla Johnson

Carol Adamski, Local community leader

Carol C. Mukhopadhyay, Author

Carol Fast, Local community leader

Carolyn Moore

Cassie Chou

Catherine Canfield

Catherine Sprinkles, Attorney

Cathy McAbee

Chantal Garcia

Charles Bell, Founder

Charlie Wasser Chairman,  Santa Clara County Fairgrounds Management Corp

Cheryl Parkman, Public servant

Chris & Kristin Boscia

Christine Di Salvo

Christopher Ramos

Clark Noreen

Christopher Cobey

Collin Thrower

Consuelo Yepiz, Retired

Daniel Zazueta, Attorney

Darby Siempelkamp, Executive Coach

Darren Lim, Community leader

Dave Poeschel, Community leader

David And Hannah Dwelley

Deane Eldridge

Deb Ross

Deborah Zimmer

Debra Figone, Former City Manager of both Los Gatos and San Jose

Debres Carson

Dede Smullen

Del Carson

Diya Agastya

Dr. Marty Fenstersheib, Former Director Santa Clara County Public Health Dept

Dr. Roger M Simons. Computer Programmer

Duc Nguyen

Elaine Seid, Attorney

Elinor Stetson

Elizabeth Shivell, Local community leader

Elmy Bermejo, Governor Newsom’s Northern California Director

Elsa Schafer, Community leader

Emilie Gatfield, Local community leader

Emily Breslin

Eric Casher, Attorney

Eric Gorovitz, Attorney

Eric Kay

Eric Stein, Former Deputy Secretary California Department of Food and Agriculture 

Erin Salter

Eva Levine

Fernando Zazueta, Attorney

Frank & Diane Pitre, Attorneys

G Garfunkel

Gerry Hunt

Ginny Baird, Author

Greg Pragline, Attorney

Hannah Dwelley

Hazel Stange

Heidi Owens

Herb Engstrom

Irene Helfert

Jackie Wheeler, Local community leader

Jaime Leanos, Attorney

Jalen Butcher

James Kirkland, Business Owner

James Scharf, Former Vice President CA State Bar and Coach of the Willow Glen Mock Trial Team

Jan Schwartz

Jane Jacobsen

Jane Relyea, Attorney

Janet Downbre

Janet Burdick, Local community leader

Janice Robinson, Local community leader

Jay Boyarsky, Chief Assistant District Attorney of Santa Clara County

Jeanne Villegus

Jeff Walters

Jeff Levin, Silicon Valley Democratic Club

Jen Pahlka, Founder, Code for America

Jennifer Rodgers, Lecturer-in-Law, Columbia Law School, CNN Legal Analyst

Jim Heerwagen

Jim McManis, Attorney

Joanne Cox

Joe Cochett, Attorney

John Levine

John Hirokawa, former Santa Clara County Undersheriff

John Keker, Trial Attorney

John Morris, Business owner

Jonathan Holtzman, Attorney

Josefa Clemente, Local community leader

Joseph Anzalone

Joseph Melino, Attorney

Joshua De Leon

Joy Tani, Engineer

Judy Levin, Pollution Prevention Director

Judy Rickard, Local community leader

Julie Fieber, Attorney

Juniper Downs, Global Director of Public Affairs

Justin Kwong

Justin Berger, Attorney

Karen Getman, Attorney

Karla Albrought, Local community leader

Kathleen Watson, Professor

Kathryn Hanson, Former Chief Executive

Kathryn Parkman, Local community leader

Katley Howard

Kelly Woodward

Kelly Born, Program Officer

Kerry Hamill, Public Policy Specialist

Kily Tracy

Kim Cox, Local community leader

Kimberly Reed, Filmmaker Dark Money and Prodigal Sons

Kirk Hanson, Former Director Santa Clara University Markkula Center

Kristine Karnos

Larry Bolton, Former Counsel of CA State Dept. of Social Services

Laura Romero

Laura Walters

Laura Kim, Community Builder

Laura Romero, Local community leader

Laurel Stewart, Local community leader

Laurence Tribe, Legal Scholar

Leah Toeniskoetter, Local community leader

Len Sprinkles

Leo And Donna Boger

Liat Perlman

Linda Hutchins-Knowler

Linda McPharlin, Attorney

Lisa Liddle

Lisa McAdams

Lisa Radding

Lisa Chapman, Attorney

Lisa Liddle, Local community leader

Mahsa Nakhjiri

Maniko Beach

Marc Adelman, former President of the State Bar of California

Marcia Fox, Local community leader

Margaret Gordon, Local community leader

Marina Barnes

Marisa Chun, Community leader

Mark Hineser

Mark Fredkin, Attorney

Marlo Liddle

Marshall Dinowitz, Local community leader

Marshall Heller, Designer

Martha Kanter, Education Leader

Mary Gourlay

Mary Kay Redmond

Mary-Lynne Bainbridge

Matt Mahan, San Jose D10 City Council Candidate

Maureen Williams, former Deputy DA

Melanie Aron

Melinda Haag, Former US Attorney in Northern District of California

Merri Baldwin, Attorney

Michael & Cherie Ravel, Local community leaders

Michael Kubiak, Strategic Consultant

Michele Bolton

Michele Braucht

Michele Spaulding

Michelle Hua

Mike & Myra Gilfix, Attorneys, Senior Adults Legal Assistance

Mike Molumphy, Attorney

Nan Caldwell

Nancy Tromblee

Nancy Weeks

Nazanin Dashtara

Neil F. Horton, Attorney

Niall McCarthy, Attorney

Nicholas Radov

Nicholas Sanders, Attorney

Noreen Christopher

Noreen Clark, Journalist

Owen Byrd, Attorney

Pat Gormley

Pat Krackov

Patricia Elston Cook

Patricia Shiu, Local community leader

Patricia Tennant, Local community leader

Patrick Becker

Paula Reinman, Social Impact Marketing Professional

Peggy Gordon

Pete Kutras, Jr., former County Executive of Santa Clara County

Peter A. Bagatelos, Esq.

Phil And Kathryn Parkman

Phil Hammer, Attorney

Phil Trounstine, Distinguished reporter

Phyllis Sorensen, former Clerk of the Board of Supervisors

Rahul Vasanth, Cupertino resident

Ray Marshall, former President of CA State Bar

Reshma Pant

Richard Wong

Richard Gertman, Sustainability Consultant

Richard White, Policy Specialist

Rob Genest, Local community leader

Robert Feldman

Robert Hutchinson, Attorney

Robin Johansen, Attorney

Robyn Klitgaard

Rolanda Pierre-Dixon, former Assistant District Attorney

Rosa Gordillo

Rosie Zapeeda

Ruth Fletcher, Local community leader

Sabita Sonejii, Attorney

Sabra Underwood

Sam Ross

Sandy Decker

Sandy Tarango

Sanford Wolf, Local community leader

Sarah Westfall

Scott Nacey

Scott Seaman, Former Los Gatos Police Chief

Sequoia Hall, Director, Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority

Shamara Thomas

Shanon Levine-Cavanaugh

Sheila Dubin, Parenting coach

Shel Onstead, Local community leader

Spencer Overton, President of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies

Stacy Wheeler

Stan And Ruth Litwin

Stephanie Bainbridge

Stephanie Grossman, Leadership Coach

Steve Lewis, Attorney, Professor UC Berkeley Law School

Steve Matusow, Professor

Steve Spaulding, Counsel to the House Rules Committee

Susan Branch

Susan Fuller, Local community leader, former County Librarian

Susan Lichte, Local community leader

Susan Price-Jang, Local community leader

Sylvia Torres-Guillen, Attorney, former General Counsel of the

Agricultural Labor Relations Board

Tammy Coleman

Tamara Lopez

Teri Kane, Landscape Architect

Thomas Hicks, Marketing Professional

Tim O’Reilly, O’Reilly Media

Ting Sun, Education Leader

Tom Moore

Tom Nolan, Attorney

Trina Hineser

Trish Cook

Vicki Feigelson

Vicky Deggs

Vidisha Rai

William Anderson

Yan Zhao

Note: Partial list. Titles and Organizations listed above are for identification purposes only.

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