Preparing for Natural Disasters

Preparing for Natural Disasters

Over the last decade, Californians have been devastated by record wildfires, drought and floods. The size of California’s land burned annually by wildfires has increased by more than five times since 1972, and the 2018 wildfire season brought some of the most destructive wildfires in recorded history. Los Gatos, which is in SD15, has a higher fire rating than Paradise, California.

Climate warming has played a significant role in the increase of the impact of wildfires on our state. It is critical to protect the safety of every resident. I believe we can do more to prepare ourselves for the next natural disaster, including adequately funding CalFire, ensuring strong investment in fire abatement and quality infrastructure, and providing adequate notice of both earthquakes and fires. 

We need to invest in emerging technology that supports our first responders and helps them work faster, more safely and more efficiently. Infrastructure investments create good-paying, middle-class jobs, and these investments can also ensure we are prepared for natural disasters. 

Firefighters and first responders in our state have worked tirelessly while our state faced unprecedented wildfires, earthquakes and other natural disasters. I believe we must do more to support those who have served our state, often risking their lives to keep others safe. I will work to ensure these professionals and their families have access to services for those afflicted by PTSD and other mental health conditions.

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