Addressing Our Homelessness Crisis

In just the past two years, homelessness in Santa Clara County increased by 147%. It is morally wrong for our local and state leaders to sit on the sidelines and fail to address this crisis. I believe that homelessness is a humanitarian and civil rights issue.

I will be a strong advocate for lasting efforts to build transitional and long-term housing to help get families off the street and out of their cars. I will also work to expand access to mental health treatment and help end the cycle of jail time for the mentally ill, which is both dangerous for them and costly for taxpayers. 

I support California becoming a Right to Shelter State, like New York, where counties are required to have a development plan for a network of traditional shelters that include space for social workers and that connect homeless individuals to social and mental health services.  These wrap-around services are critical in breaking the cycle of homelessness.

My Record

I have worked with Destination: Home, a public-private partnership that works to end homelessness in Santa Clara County. Their Homelessness Prevention System (HPS) is available to low-income (80% of Area Median Income) households in Santa Clara County who are at imminent risk of losing their housing. Destination: Home has helped over 700 families and individuals facing homelessness by helping them get off the street and by building low-income housing. While this is a small start, I strongly believe that there is more we can do to expand successful programs.  

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