Provide Affordable, Quality Child Care

Provide Affordable, Quality Child Care

We must make childcare more affordable and accessible for every family. Investing in early childhood education and enabling more families to find quality, affordable childcare in their neighborhood will have a positive, long-term impact on our economy and allow more Californians to work and contribute their talents and skills to their community. 

I support Governor Newsom’s efforts to expand pre-kindergarten and childcare programs with a significant investment of nearly $2 billion dollars. I also support training child care providers to ensure safe, quality child care. I will be a committed, vocal advocate to ensure our State Senate continues to make this a top issue.

My Record

I worked pro bono for Kidango, a public child care provider that has over 50 child care centers located throughout the Bay Area and has served our community for over 50 years. Kidango serves over 40,000 children every day and has a team of early intervention specialists, provides meals, and family advocates. I met with and advised teen moms, and provided free legal advice to the agency.

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