Addressing Economic Disparity

Addressing Economic Disparity

California is the fifth largest economy in the world, but 19 percent of our population lives below the poverty line. After factoring in the cost of living, our state faces some of the highest rates of poverty in the nation, and incomes at the bottom 10 percent of Californians have dropped by 26 percent since 2007. 

Too many Californians are struggling with rising costs and stagnant wages. Our economy is roaring – but only those at the top are benefiting, leaving the rest behind. 

Every Californian deserves the opportunity to live the California Dream, so we must work to address the underlying causes of economic inequality, including the lack of affordable childcare; early childhood education and unequal schools; suppressed wages; corporate overreach and the root causes of many of these issues – campaign finance.

As State Senator, it will be my top priority to address the issues underpinning the rising economic disparity so more families can thrive in the 21st century economy.

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