San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo on Misleading Dave Cortese Campaign Mailers

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October 10, 2020
Contact: Andrew Berthelsen
(310) 774 -1313 | [email protected]

On Saturday, October 10, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo issued the following statement:

Ann Ravel is the only candidate for state office in California to be endorsed by former President Barack Obama because of her outstanding record standing up for consumers, taking on powerful special interests and fighting for the middle class.

Now the Cortese campaign is leading a misleading counter-attack against Ann – funding mailers that cynically try to imply that Supervisor Dave Cortese was endorsed by President Obama.

They are using a picture of Obama and Cortese taken at Moffett Field after Air Force One landed there. I just happened to be standing next to the President, right outside of the frame on one of the photos they’ve used, and in the background of another. Cortese introduced himself, and spoke briefly with the President – as we all did – and I never heard any suggestion by President Obama that he would politically support Dave Cortese for any office.

A “rope line” picture used in this way – juxtaposed with assertions that Cortese is “endorsed” by different groups – is intentionally misleading.  I ask Supervisor Cortese to make clear to the voters that he has NOT been endorsed by President Obama and to denounce the misleading campaigning being conducted.

I ask voters to join with President Obama, EMILY’s List, Latinas Lead, Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, Congresswoman Katie Porter, The Mercury NewsThe San Francisco Chronicle, and so many others in support of Ann Ravel – the fearless advocate we need right now in Sacramento.

Photo of mail piece Supervisor Cortese has deceptively used in this campaign: 


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