Cortese Still Silent on Returning Campaign Donations from Attorney Indicted for Bribery

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August 11, 2020
Contact: Andrew Berthelsen
(310) 774-1313 | [email protected]

San Jose, CA – It’s been five days since a major Cortese donor was indicted in a corruption scandal, and Supervisor Cortese has not yet made a single move to denounce his actions or return the tainted contributions.

Cortese donor Chris Schumb was indicted last week in an alleged plot to bribe Santa Clara County Sheriff’s officials to receive a concealed weapons permits for other campaign donors. The case is ongoing, with District Attorney Jeff Rosen saying “we are not done” with the investigation.

Ann Ravel’s Campaign Manager Andrew Berthelsen said:

“Cortese’s silence speaks volumes. His refusal to return the tainted campaign donations linked to alleged bribes speaks to his cozy relationships with a web of major donors seeking actions from county government. The people of Santa Clara County deserve better than the old pay-for-play politics. Both Governor Brown and President Obama trusted Ann Ravel to be the top watchdog to stop corruption in our elections, and voters can expect the same when she’s our next state senator.”

Ann Ravel Calls on Cortese to Return Contributions from Donor Indicted in Pay-to-Play Scheme Linked to Questionable Concealed Weapons Permits

State Senate candidate Ann Ravel today called on her opponent, Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese, to return more than $4,000 in political donations he has received from attorney Christopher Schumb, who was among those indicted last week in a corruption probe connected to concealed weapons permits issued by the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office.

Mr. Schumb has allegedly been collecting political donations in exchange for concealed weapons permits from the office of Cortese supporter and close political ally, Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith.

According to the indictment announced by District Attorney Jeff Rosen, Schumb faces felony charges including bribery and conspiracy to commit bribery and faces up to three to four years in prison. He served as assistant treasurer of the Santa Clara County Public Safety Alliance supporting the reelection of Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith. Schumb has given at least $4,250 to Cortese’s campaigns since 2013.

Schumb is not the only Cortese donor connected to this pay-to-play scheme. The probe targeted the inner circle of Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith. Smith has donated $1,000 to Cortese’s state senate race and is listed as one of Cortese’s top endorsers among Santa Clara County officials.

Ann Ravel was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to Chair the Fair Political Practices Commission, where she led the first-in-the-nation fight against the Koch Brothers network when they used dark money to try to pass Proposition 32, the paycheck deception ballot measure. Her work – and her integrity – earned the attention of President Barack Obama who nominated her to the Federal Election Commission. She received the unanimous consent of the United States Senate, and continues to this day her work to make our elections fairer and more transparent. Ravel is the only candidate in the race to receive the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction for her “commitment to passing common sense gun safety legislation.”

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